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Customer Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that I really do appreciate the wonderful service that your rep Brian gave me on my last order. I had a motor and pump burn up on my spa. I was not looking forward to the process of finding the new spa motor and I knew it would be a real pain in the butt. Boy was I surprised when Brian answered the phone. He new just what I needed the price was fair and it shipped when he said it would. He followed up with an e-mail with wiring connection instructions. In todays world it is not very often that I find great service. I was in a service business for 30 years and I know how nice it was to get good feedback.

Thanks again for your help.
- Robert Averyt, College Station, Texas I just wanted to tell the owner of Spa Shopper that you have an excellent employee. His name is John at extension # 215. I am telling you this from the perspective of a customer of SpaPartsNet ...and as a small business owner myself. John has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and efficient while facilitating a "re-hab" of my old Gulf Coast Spa LX 5000. I was seriously impressed. John has made me a customer for life with SpaPartsNet. You have an invaluable employee. Thanks! - John G., Bradford Woods, PA I would like everyone to know how much I appreciate all the help that your team provided me last night in trying to troubleshoot an electrical problem with my hot tub that turned out to be the fuse for the spa pump motor. I did not need any spa parts, but you helped me all the way.

Thank you!!!!!
- Bernie Bishop, St. Paul, Minnesota Usually the only time I will make the effort to contact a company is when the customer service is so lacking that I need to vent my spleen, so this is an exception.

I have been a customer for close to 4 years and from day one I have been treated with excellent, friendly service and advise by Brian and John. They have never come across like they were just too busy to deal with me, to impatient to LISTEN and explain how to resolve the hot tub parts problem, or convey the impression I am too stupid to deserve the benefits of the product in question as the majority of consumer product support techs manifest.

These guys really do care and are patient, friendly and knowledgeable. Not only that they must enjoy their positions because they have been there from the beginning of my calls which reflects how they are treated which is tribute to their employer. I was so pleasantly surprised by this attitude when I first called in and spoke with Brian and he took the time to walk me through the steps of setting my hot tub up for the first time. When I had to call back a couple more times that day he never gave me the impression as described above, instead he patiently educated me on the steps needed to overcome my problems.

John is also a great example of excellent customer care. Not long ago I had to move my hot tub from the condo I kept it to my home and I called to ask if he could provide me with the phone number of the original vendor and he told me that unfortunately he didn't have that information. Most support techs would have left it at that and ended the call. Not so with John he said "hey wait a minute. Do you have some buddy's and willing to spring for a 6 pack and couple pizza's?" Sure I replied. "Then go to Lowes, buy a couple cheap sections of PCV pipes, cut them to 6 ft. Sections and use them to roll it off the deck". Just his friendly banter about the beer and pizza's was a great touch. I loved it. Well, I did as he suggested and got the hot tub moved and saved myself $250.00 the local hot tub business was going to charge me to move it 12 miles. Atta Boy John.

Anyway in closing, you have two great employee's there and I want to send them and you a heart felt Thanx!

- Donny Larsen, Branford, CT I just want to extend my congratulations on your employees.

This is my first time needing spa parts and dealing with your company and I am compelled to tell you that Brian has been absolutely wonderful to deal with... his professionalism in my opinion is Unsurpassed!

I myself own a service business and I pride myself on complete customer service, and as a result I have grown my business to be the #1 service business in my industry for my entire service area.

I have to tell you that your employee (Brian Jones) has got to be one of the most helpful and professional employees that I have ever dealt with... he deserves accolades.. Big time!

Thank You and thank Brian for a wonderful experience... Because of Brian, I am a spa parts customer for life!

- Pat Johnson, Toms River, NJ